Wednesday, September 25, 2013

I am a wife, mommy to my little boy and two little girls and my family is my everything!  I am a coffee drinkin, reality tv watchin, country music listenin (80's music too and I could literally listen to Christmas music year round) girl! I have a love for Jesus, cooking, fashion, DIY projects and ALL things monogrammed!!!  I love to laugh and to see the glass half full, even though I am known to be a constant worry wart!  Thanks so much for visiting our blog, can't wait to learn more about you!      


Rosie Posie Designs is a family owned and operated business started in 2010.  My background is in elementary education where I taught for three and a half wonderful years.  I began Rosie Posie Designs after the birth of our second child when I decided I was ready to stay at home with my two (now three) little ones.  Creating personalized gifts began as a fun hobby and turned into the small business that it is today!  I have always had a love for personalized items and sincerely LOVE creating them for others!
I wish I had an amazing story behind how Rosie Posie got its’ name, as I get asked this question a lot!  But to be honest, I was singing “Ring Around the Rosey” with my kids and it just kind of hit me as a fun catchy name!  My second daughter was just born and I had given her name an “ie” ending and wanted to do the same for “Rosie Posie”…so there you have it!
Rosie Posie offers quality gifts with such a beautiful and unique personal touch.  I have loved getting to know my customers over the last few of years and pride myself on awesome customer service!  Rosie Posie Designs is all about personalizing YOUR style!

Lauren, aka Aunt LaLa, is my lovely sister and is currently responsible for responding to many of your messages through email and for many of our blog posts!  She also helps me with my littlest Rosie Posie members below so I can get to designing!  She keeps me sane and my little ones entertained!

Here are the littlest Rosie Posie members!  They are all about quality control.  They have put many of my personalized items “to the test” and have given it their stamp of approval!

We are constantly adding new products, patterns, etc. so keep checking back with us for new items!